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Northwest Fudge - Sweets & Treats Collection


Welcome to Northwest Fudge & Confections

Let us serve you with the finest fudge and candies right to your door. Click on the images below to see our wonderful taste treats, mugs, shirts and other sweet items.



In 1989, Bob & Lindi Lumens purchased a small fudge and candy kiosk called Elmer Fudge in a small community mall in Bellevue, Washington. Changing the name to Nutcracker Sweets & Confections to showcase our larger store, we grew and grew.


Right away we enlarged it from 50 or so products to hundreds, and then to a full size Old-Fashioned Candy store with over 700 candy and fudge products.

Several years went by and looking for a calmer and more natural place to live, we moved to Port Angeles, Washington on the Beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, and changed the name to Northwest Fudge & Confections.

We've been making fudge since 1989, and the over 30 tons we've made is testimony to our belief that there is no better fudge anywhere! We make around 75 pounds of fudge a week, so it's always fresh. We sell from our current store in Port Angeles, Washington as well as on-line, and special orders all over the country.

My hair is not so dark, but 28 years of making fudge and candy will do that to a guy, but it also teaches you a few things about good candies and fudge.

Usually orders ship the within 2 to 3 business days. In the rare instance that we are out of a flavor, it may be 5-7 days before shipping as we will have to make it and give it time to set up. Please let us know if time is a concern. 

While we try to be consistent, since each batch is made by hand, no two pieces look exactly alike.

Fudge ships well even in warm weather, but in hot weather, including an ice pack is a good idea.

If you are ever in our neighborhood, come see us. We will take care of you just the same, but in person.

Thanks,  Bob & Lindi Lumens