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About us

We are a husband and wife team who are creators and retailers at heart. We love finding and/or making products that we know our customers will love. After many decades of having physical retail stores, we are now focusing our business online.

We have decided to merge our interests and create a "general store" that will appeal to people like us! Class700 got it's name from the Dewey Decimal System, where classification 700 is all about "the arts." That includes everything from architecture to landscaping, painting to textile arts, music and performing arts, graphic arts and photography ... well, basically everything we love, including lots of artistic representation of the animals around us.

We actively participate in all kinds of artwork, crafts and performing arts, so creating shirts, necklaces, mugs and more for others like us just makes sense. And, we support many animal preservation organizations ... in fact, a percentage of the sale of any animal shirt will be donated.

As a couple, we have been together practically 24 hours a day for over 30 years, as we have been in business together since the beginning (with a printing business ... yet another form of design and creating!)

We have been designing and selling shirts for the last couple of years, and have recently decided to do our online business full-time (while at the same time continuing with our brick-and-mortar fudge, chocolate and candy store). We are located in the Pacific Northwest, where indoor activities are often a must, and where we can enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest.

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